Do you Have Problems with Certified Interpreters?

phone-problemsPhone conversation-your points were not clear to the other party because language difficulty Certified interpreter, language translation services, translator certified, medical, sign language
Lack of response-no response to letters and contracts sent in English

Certified interpreter, language translation services, translator certified, medical, sign language

Award situations-during face-to-face encounters ,communication difficulties
Delayed negotiations
Translation interpreter

Today’s business world requires professionals truly prepared to express and develop their ideas in a clear and consistent manner. Interlingua, Inc. helps you develop your communication skills in several languages. Our consultation will generate an increase in your level of competence in several keys for a successful performance in your working life and career areas. We provide translation and interpretation services for: Presentations, meetings, negotiations and leadership.

And for those who have mastered English at a basic level and intermediate and want to apply it directly in your professional life with full confidence with practicality and success, we offer a training program that measures and analyzes the success of its participants, while their skills are exCertified interpreter, language translation services, translator certified, medical, sign languageploited in the language and become persuasive and dynamic communicators who lead their companies in the global and competitive environment.

do you have problems with international contactsWe offer a full range of language programs to meet their schedules and learning goals by providing services in more than 50 languages worldwide.

Our interpretation staff has the experience and credentials needed to provide an accurate and professional service. Some are certified court interpreter at the state and federal level. While others are certified as medical interpreters and granted by accredited universities.

We assign the most appropriate equipment for each project according to their expertise and skills. For example, for a conference, we would choose an interpreter with extensive experience in conference interpreting or meeting translations, it all depends on the need and the issue to be addressed.



Decision making, brainstorming and external meetings.



Handling questions and answers.

Preparation of negotiations (objectives, interests and options).

Negotiation and compromise.

Conflict management.

Leadership & Coaching

Assertive communication.

Active listening.